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Welcome to our website dealing with things, including people, that are puke.  Articles may be updated over time.  It is up to you to be sure you have the latest information.  A thing can earn from 1 Pukehead (around 20% puke), 1 Pukehead, to 5 Pukeheads (around 100% puke), 5 Pukeheads.

Gun Control Advocates

Gun control advocates want to take away your guns.  In every country where the government has deprived people of their (taken away peoples’) guns, crime has gone up at least 300%; that is, 3 times the number of crimes, including home invasions, rapes, murders, etc, etc.

Gun control advocates have earned 5 Pukeheads: 5 Pukeheads


Muslims are 100% puke.

Muslims have earned 5 Pukeheads.  1 Pukehead because they commit 10 times more crime than any other group, everywhere in the world.  4 Pukeheads because they commit 100 times more sex crimes than any other group, everywhere in the world.

5 Pukeheads